Happening Before Our Eyes

Back in 2011. . .

 I read that the End that all were dreading to happen in 2012 would happen, but it would happen gradually and that the worst of it would begin in 2015 and it has. 

When we just tunnel vision in on our local news at night we can't see the big picture; but when we raise our awareness up high and look down on the whole Earth, we can see shorelines worldwide going into the oceans, we can see large portions of countries burning out of control in many countries, sink holes swallowing up homes, earthquakes destroying cities, and all of it is happening now.  It does not frightening me at all for some reason. 

It is inevitable

 . . . so best to live and be happy that we still have our homes, for those of us who do still have our homes.  And food to eat. 

Gardens to tend.  People to love.

So I returned to this blog and after nearly six years, I'm almost excited about getting involved again.

The Wood Beyond the World (For J. R. R. Tolkien Fans), Fantasy Audiobook